Why Google Has It Made

As we head deeper into the information age one thing is clear; he who has all the information will dominate the world.And that is the reason I think Google has it made and I don’t see how any other company or organization can come close to overcoming the gap that Google has created between themselves and the rest of the world.To most people, Google is a search engine, and according to research it is the preferred search engines with a staggering 72% of the market share. Yahoo, who has been in business a lot longer, pales by comparison with a mere 14% market penetration. People love Google’s simplicity and the relevant results that are returned when they search.Google indexes the videos people upload, they index Tweets and other public social media conversations. If it’s public and it’s on the web, Google is aware of it.But Google goes beyond the task of indexing websites and internet content. It has for mission to index and catalogue everything known to mankind.Google has indexed countless of emails through its Gmail program. Millions upon of millions of users are trusting Google to relay their messages while keeping them safe.Google has indexed the planet and shows results on Google Earth. Anyone on the planet with access to Google Maps can take a virtual trip almost anywhere on the globe. Or for something plain silly, you can do a drive by my house and see the recycling bin that was left on the front porch the day they indexed my domicile.Google has indexed millions of books and made them available on Google Books. This will be great recourse for historians many years from now when paper books will be as novel as vinyl records.It has index the local business world by creating close to 50 million Local Places Pages and the millions more they missed are volunteering their business information to be indexed. Google will eventually know where and when every business in the world operates. How they are viewed by their clients and how popular or profitable they are.With Google Analytics, the company enjoys millions of internet metrics each day by having an army of internet marketers using the free service for their business. This volunteer force is quite happy to share their website statistics with Google on a daily basis in exchange for free use of the software.Google has entered the telecommunications realm by offering a Google phone number. Google will be able to index all the call’s origins destinations, durations, patterns and all sorts of data that I can’t start to imagine in scope or depth.Google has gone mobile as well, with operating platforms and software to help the users and to be able to index everything that is transmitted over the mobile networks.Google has partnered with Sony to offer Google TV as a standalone product or paired with computers. This will allow Google to index television viewing habits and preferences.This is but a short list of what Google offers the masses in exchange for the opportunity to collect and analyse all the data our daily lives produce. Eventually Google could have enough information on an individual to predict behavior and patterns down to a tee,Google hires the brightest minds and the money to back any project they think can increase the gap that is already a chasm between themselves and the completion. They have access to a world of content and shares only part of what the index. A large part of what is gathered on the internet is kept as private property an used only by Google and their partners.He who has all the information will dominate the world and Google is he.

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