What Should WiMAX Service Providers Be Focused On?

With advances in technology, the demand for IP networks and WiMAX service providers has grown. New technology means faster speed and lower delays. This has led to greater set of services being implemented.Higher growth leads to a rise in opportunities to earn revenue and that in turn has led to proliferation of WiMAX service providers. The future of such networks is bright and gravitating and attracting better IP based technologies. As an operator, there are a few classes that you may be interested in.The first is that of simple internet services for which flat billing rates are applied. The next is that of premium IP services which provide better services and improvement in ARPU. The billing of VPN services is done through QoS levels and then there is the premium service which operators use on their networks.It is possible for WiMAX service providers to earn profits by selling various services as well as applications which they can carry for their clients. These services are offered on the network and include those such as best effort VoIP and more. It is also possible to unbundle a network in order to reduce barriers of entry.The way that these providers do business is easy and can be viewed from two distinct points of view. One of them is providing services which are owned by the provider and which includes an entire system which in turn is made up of access network and the core network. The other one is that of unbundling the network and making access to the network independent.There are some very attractive markets which should be targeted. For example, both South Africa and Africa have yet to fully take off in so far as IP technology is concerned. 3G has not been launched and so WiMAX service providers will do well to tap into these markets.As long as it is possible to provide a breakeven point cost and higher speed, as well as improved utilization of the spectrum, there is plenty of scope for business in such markets. The population in such regions is not dense and is in fact spread out over a large area. This means that the prospects of doing business in these parts are good but they have to take care of the local needs.The United States on the other hand is already well developed and the prospects of doing business there should be rather stable. The focus of WiMAX service providers should be on preparing regional as well as national level deployment of their services.The bottom line is that they need to be committed to providing a worldwide service and should grow the prospects of achieving higher growth with the help of better penetration into the markets that show promise. They should also be focused on penetrating new markets with 4G broadband wireless internet access and make this available throughout the world. Achieving these goals will not be easy but is something that has to be done.

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