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VPN is a private communications network, which is used within a company, or by many different companies or organizations, for communicating over a public network. VPN software is provides a connection between a user’s computing device and a host VPN server. This software allows accessing Internet and extranet sources that are restricted to certain IP addresses. VPN Software is also sometimes called a Gateway.VPN Management cannot be complete without a thorough investigation into the software issues. VPN software relieves the users from having to carry a token around. The software tokens have other advantages too. They are considerably cheaper. They can be mass deployed. They are also easier to develop the hardware. Only Web links are needed for multiple people to work on the development of the software. It can be reproduced using provisioning software. VPN Software plays a vital role in the financial position of a company. The software needs to be periodically updated. Since encryption is performed in the software, network throughput will be affected, based on the size of the processor. The software tokens are not as user friendly as the hardware ones. In the software token, when the user inputs his PIN, the token presents the user with a pass code. The user has to copy and paste this pass code from the token to the application he’s accessingA few things need to be done to keep the software updated. Updates and patches to the VPN software, client software and server software must be kept track of. The update must be pushed out of reach of a remote user. Security of the VPN should be maintained. A plan of action must be ready incase a server’s security is ever compromised. The VPN software offers the privacy needed for communicating while using a public network and between servers behind the firewall. Network protection policies are enforced regardless of where the remote user is located, or how the user is accessing the server — by dial-in, local network or Internet access.

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