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OpteMAN – Great for Networks

The accomplishment, pursuits and productivity targets in your company is really difficult to gain in case your Internet connection speed is stagnant or sluggish. You will find that this type of issue in your Internet connection is going to reduce your level of efficiency and consume a lot of your time and effort too. On the other hand, for several users and Internet companies, acquiring a new technology and network systems that would fit their business preferences are difficult to acquire. And if this is in some way the case for you too, then OpteMAN’s solution is what is perfect for you. Opteman’s services permits you connect into many websites with out losing or lowering the speed of your connection down. This means, a large number of connections made in numerous places can’t delay the improvement of your own work, however helps make it even more quickly. The network’s online users will not have any bandwidth troubles too. The Characteristics and flexibility of OpteMAN just indicates that this kind of service will need to occur in your business. There is no need to invest in some other things, which include adapter, network card, router, or any other hi-tech equipment, as OpteMAN solution is already a world class network service.OpteMAN can be ordered by means of multiple service providers connected to great companies just like AT&T. This service gives exceptionally trusted network solution that is exceptionally useful to your online business network if we speak with regards to Internet connectivity. Using OpteMAN, connecting various computers to your Ethernet network is not really a problem in anyway. With this type of service, applications and computers in a local network or Internet could be conveniently planned and maintained. Moreover, Ethernet virtual connection or EVC is employed by OpteMAN to make certain that the packets being sent to the internet and back to your network is efficiently dispersed to your local network or LAN.Opteman tones up your current Ethernet service to the optimum limit by letting you to have immediate and continuous communication to other people. And because of this feature, connections to partners, clients and other trading partners are simple to control and will lead to a considerably better business relationship with them.With OpteMAN service functions, jobs, desires relevant to large and cost-effective business for small and large businesses could be obtained very easily. And with speeds of around five Megabytes per second to over one Gigabyte per second, file transmissions are easily implemented much fasterOwing to OpteMAN’s useful network solution and trustworthy security, quite a few have already made the ideal option in moving to OpteMAN. There are not that several services that can easily assist you in developing toward maximum network effectiveness. And with an interface that’s simple to use, users will not have any difficulties in using it. Ultimately, OpteMAN is moreover fantastic for schools since it could very well help college students search and transfer project files and data to other computer networks.

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Amazon VPC – Brief Analysis

Some weeks ago, Amazon Web services announced VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) [1] in a move to address security requirements for enterprise customers and to provide the missing link for hybrid deployments although some questions remain concerning the technology behind their offer. Since we were recently suggesting a list requirements for a cloud VPN [2], we want to take Amazon’s announcement as a reason to compare and match VPC features with this list.The overall usecase Amazon is addressing is Communication between the internal network and the cloud. Here is the list:Clientless: VPC uses IPSec which is supported by the majority of security gateways, so no need for the installation of a client VPN.Centralized management: VPC configuration is provided by the Amazon API (although not yet integrated in the Amazon Console). Existing VPN Monitoring tools already used in the internal infrastructure should also be operational in the private part of the cloud.Authentication and authorization features : Even if integration with security groups is not yet provided, they can be expected soon. Concerning authentication the method provided is IKE Security Association using Pre-Shared Keys. Role based access control is not provided by Amazon.Integration with endpoint security: VPC targets the security of communication, not providing endpoint security. However, enterprises may deploy existing endpoint security products within the AMIs in the VPC.Advanced logging and reporting: In our opinion, this is the Achilles’ heel of AWS – and VPC is no better. No information is provided at the network and firewall level.Support of different communication methods and devices: We do not know yet if multicast will one day be supported in EC2 and VPC. Concerning devices, Amazon announces that “We also plan to support Software VPNs in the near future.”High availability: Only one VPC can be configured per AWS account for the moment. No elastic load balancing is available so it is up to the customers to construct their HA solution.Static addressing: Today it is possible to specify a subnet, but the IP address is randomly picked within the subnet. You cannot use elastic IPs. These restrictions are expected to be dropped by amazon in the roadmap.Conclusion: Even though there are a couple of requirements where VPC falls short, VPC is an important first step towards IaaS security and it will help customers to confidently move to the cloud. It lays the ground on which customers can built upon and extend their security architecture into the public cloud.

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Premium VPNs Vs. Free VPNs – How to Choose?

There are many VPN services out there – Over 100 premium and 50 free VPN software services. VPNs are enticing because they are free. Compared to free VPNs, premium VPNs appear expensive. So what do you get with a VPN – and encrypted tunnel and some IP change or hide IP protection. But once you start to use a free VPN you will experience the downside. They tend to be slow and hard to get a connection and worse, they often place advertising on your browser to pay for the ‘free’ VPN.And if you look below the surface of advertising free VPNs you quickly realize that what appeared to be free is actually a scam of sorts. When the advertiser puts adverts on your browser they also place a permanent cookie on your machine which means that when you get off the free VPN, the cookie persists and shows the advertiser your real underlying IP so that they can track your browsing habits and send you more advertising. How secure is that? So instead of your ISP getting your IP and browser link history, hundreds of advertisers obtain and store that information on their servers. And advertiser’s servers are rife with vulnerabilities and are hacked regularly so who winds up with your data? The very hackers you didn’t want to have sniffing and stealing your data in the first place. It was easier for them to steal your data from the advertiser’s server then from your directly.And free VPNs have no server security of their own. Unlike a premium VPN which secures its servers and protects its servers against hackers, free VPNs make no such investment because they can’t afford it and don’t really care as they are selling your security to advertisers, why should they give a damn if your data gets stolen from their servers or from an advertiser’s server. A premium VPN will provide server security as well as many servers to change or hide IP in many countries as well as an encrypted encapsulated tunnel connection that protects users from any threats. One premium VPN even provides many additional features that give you more security than any free and most premium VPNs and that premium VPN also provides antivirus, antimalware, anti spam, anti phishing and firewall protection for its users at its secure servers so that users’ computers are protected against malware long before they get on the users’ network. Now that’s a good premium VPN worth paying for!

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VPN Explained – The Basics of VPN Simplified

The question of exactly how to explain or define a VPN is one that is often up for discussion amongst today’s network consumers and communications providers. If we look at the literal definition of the words virtual private network, it can help to understand what is, and what is not, a VPN.Using Webster’s dictionary definitions of the component words, a VPN should have the following attributes:Virtual – defined as “being such practically or in effect, although not in actual fact or name.” Therefore, the first part of the answer to our question “what is a VPN” is that it is something that acts like a hard-wired network, but is actually not.Private – defined as “of, belonging to, or concerning a particular person or group; not common or general.” So, a VPN should be one where the consumer has exclusive use of the network links. (Note, this is different from a Secure Network, which may be a private or public network.)Network – defined as “a system of computers interconnected by telephone wires or other means in order to share information.” This is the goal of a VPN or any other type of network.VPN explained in this manner is a network technology which gives the owner the ability to share information with others on the network by means of a private, exclusive link that is created by a method other than hard-wires or leased lines; usually via the internet. Before the internet, computers in different offices, cities or even countries could only talk to each other like people could – through telephone wires. As the needs for this type of communication grew, telephone lines became replaced by higher volume wires, like T3 circuits, but the concept was the same.For computer A to talk to computer B, there had to be a physical wire connection. For security reasons, you would want to make sure that only your 2 computers used that line, so you would contract with a vendor to “lease” that circuit. However, this type of network was expensive and difficult to expand, not to mention difficult for the client to have control over.With the advent of the internet, connections no longer needed to be physical. As long as each computer has access to the internet, information can be shared using local ISP circuits, across the internet, and to the recipient in much the same way that it was when the computers were physically connected. This is why the way VPN works is considered a “virtual” network; the entire connection is not hard-wired.The aspects of VPN explained in this article so far have not yet discussed an ever present concern in today’s world – security. In an old WAN arrangement, the security of data transmission could rely entirely on the provider’s guarantees. Today, however, a VPN keeps information private by means of encryption on both the sending and receiving end. There are a variety of encryption protocols, depending on what a company’s needs are, who they need to communicate with (and therefore be compatible with), etc. The data is not only encrypted, but it is encapsulated, meaning it is sent in its own private “tunnel” or connection across the internet. No one can see the data, and even if they could, they can’t decipher or change it. In this way, information can be sent across the internet without being susceptible to interception or corruption by those who are outside of the VPN.In order to create a virtual private network, you would need to decide who needs to share information, in what directions, and how often. Next you would need to prepare a listing of the hardware and software systems you are currently using at each location. You might very well need to make changes so that the computers can talk to each other easily. You’ll also want to consider just how important it is that your data remains secure, as this will have an impact on what type of protocol you select. Preparing this information will have you educated for the discussions you will need to have with potential vendors.

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VPN Software

VPN is a private communications network, which is used within a company, or by many different companies or organizations, for communicating over a public network. VPN software is provides a connection between a user’s computing device and a host VPN server. This software allows accessing Internet and extranet sources that are restricted to certain IP addresses. VPN Software is also sometimes called a Gateway.VPN Management cannot be complete without a thorough investigation into the software issues. VPN software relieves the users from having to carry a token around. The software tokens have other advantages too. They are considerably cheaper. They can be mass deployed. They are also easier to develop the hardware. Only Web links are needed for multiple people to work on the development of the software. It can be reproduced using provisioning software. VPN Software plays a vital role in the financial position of a company. The software needs to be periodically updated. Since encryption is performed in the software, network throughput will be affected, based on the size of the processor. The software tokens are not as user friendly as the hardware ones. In the software token, when the user inputs his PIN, the token presents the user with a pass code. The user has to copy and paste this pass code from the token to the application he’s accessingA few things need to be done to keep the software updated. Updates and patches to the VPN software, client software and server software must be kept track of. The update must be pushed out of reach of a remote user. Security of the VPN should be maintained. A plan of action must be ready incase a server’s security is ever compromised. The VPN software offers the privacy needed for communicating while using a public network and between servers behind the firewall. Network protection policies are enforced regardless of where the remote user is located, or how the user is accessing the server — by dial-in, local network or Internet access.

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