Cisco 2811 Routers For Small to Medium Businesses

The Cisco 2811 integrated services router is being searched heavily in India and in the United States. How can this be? This Cisco router, classified as a Cisco 2800 series router, has been around for years. What factors are contributing to its increase in popularity? This question could be answered in many ways even only having such limited information on this device.Possible reasons for the popularity increase:
A promotion or special is being offered through an email campaign from Cisco directly.
More businesses already were using the Cisco 2811, and find it to be a reliable router over other brands and series. To be more direct, they are looking for replacements or expanding their networks.
Network resellers and wholesalers on the B2B end are finding the Cisco 2811 router harder to acquire for resale.Why would small and medium-sized businesses choose the Cisco 2811 to incorporate in their network?Attributing to the possible popularity increase, this Cisco router has been around for awhile and has earned a good reputation through various B2B channels, forum postings, paid ads, promotions, press releases and word of mouth. I’m even taking the time to write about this odd occurrence in popularity. Here are some features of the Cisco 2811 router that may be being some buzz back to this Cisco series router:
For router security, the device supports up to 1500 VPN tunnels with the AIM-EPII-PLUS module, has antivirus defense support through the NAC, and acts as a intrusion detection system as well as a Cisco firewall.
On the voice site of the router, there is analog and digital voice call support, optional voicemail support and optional CME and SRST support for up to 36 IP phones for local call processing.
Basic features include support for over 90 existing and new modules, two integrated 10/100 fast ethernet ports and optional layer 2 switch support with Power over Ethernet (PoE).Does Cisco still support the Cisco 2811?Yes, the Cisco 2811 has not reached its end-of-life date according to their company website. When Cisco ends the life of a product, they usually will remove most information on the device to force you into a different solution. A company should put most of its resources into networking devices that meet today’s expectations. Therefore, it makes sense when they do issue a end-of-life placement.I’m a business owner but I have no idea how to operate a Cisco routerI would search local classified sites like Craigslist to find an experienced networker. You can also ask the opinion on device setup and support from where you buy the Cisco 2811. If it is in your budget and you are growing, I would hire a CCNA professional to manage your network. A CCNA is the most basic level of certification from Cisco, and validates they have basic networking knowledge for Cisco networking.Different Cisco router bundles that existI know this is a given, but make sure your network is powered by AC or DC. Picking up the wrong package will waste you time and money.
Cisco2811 – Integrated services router with AC power, 2FE, 1 NME, 4 HWICs, 2 PVDM slots, 2 AIMs, and Cisco IOS IP Base Software
Cisco2811-AC-IP – Integrated services router with AC power including power over ethernet distribution capability, 2FE, 1 NME, 4 HWICs, 2 PVDM slots, 2 AIMs, and Cisco IOS IP Base Software
Cisco2811-DC – Integrated services router with DC power, 2FE, 1 NME, 4 HWICs, 2 PVDM slots, 2 AIMs, and Cisco IOS IP Base Software

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